about me

I was a boy when I first discovered the magic of film. I have been enchanted by its magic ever since a boy. It’s my first favorite movie all time the beloved classic the wizard of oz it inspired me to become a writer. The more I write about films the more I learn about its history and understand its depths and richness that makes its magic. It’s a journey into the magic of pop culture as I am taking you along for the ride. This site is lovely meant to explore the worlds of pop culture form comics to movies to anime to everything as each are part of my passions. Hello my name is joey halphen. I was born in lafayette louisiana of the united states of america.I currently live in Breaux Bridge  Louisiana.   I am a huge lover of movies and all things movies. I was a boy when i began my love of movies. I simply adore to write often.  I hope you enjoy my blog folks.